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Sunday Drive


Leaving Time "I + II"

  • Leaving Time recorded and self-released their debut EP, “I” in 2021. The record was titled “I” with the intention to release a follow up titled, “II” to connect the two EPs. “II” was the bands’ debut on Sunday Drive Records, and was available on a limited cassette.

    While most of the tracks on these EPs remain in the bands’ live set, they haven’t been easily accessible on a physical format until now, connecting the two EPs for the first time on 12” vinyl. “I + II” features new artwork from Joel Cedeno and properly documents these tracks as the band focuses on the future with a new LP to come.

    Track Listing:
    01. Stay
    02. Bloom
    03. Yellow
    04. Still
    05. Drag
    06. End
    07. RDO
    08. Pt. II
    09. Slip