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Juan Cordero "Songs About Ghosts"

  • Wandering, distance and sleeplessness creep through each song on the debut LP, “Songs About Ghosts” from Texas, indie-rock artist, Juan Cordero. Born over the years from songwriter, Jonathan Perez (Trauma Ray) as an output of solo expression, Juan Cordero succeeds in this; while drenched in fuzzy guitars and noisy melodies. With the help of friends & bandmates, Mario Cernadas and Uriel Avilia, with mixing/master engineer, Corey Coffman, “Songs About Ghosts” is crafted exactly as envisioned from Perez. Welding influences from Dinosaur Jr to Red House Painters and Duster, Juan Cordero creates these haunting, yet beautiful songs that manage to get stuck in your head from their catchy melodies and mysterious-like lyrics. The words, “I’ll come around—I’ll come around for you” are the last sung on “Songs About Ghosts”; perfectly ending and summarize the feeling of the record as a whole.

    Track Listing:
    01. SWAT
    02. Casiorock
    03. Halfstep90
    04. Blink
    05. Trouble
    06. DRIP
    07. Transient Memories
    08. Blood on the Afternoon
    09. Pink Cloud