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I Was Afraid "Lonely Frontier"


Lonely Frontier is the follow up album to I Was Afraid's (Little Rock, AR) last LP, Endless Ecstasy. The EP sounds like a more mature and developed I Was Afraid, however continues the bands’ sound within the space/alt-rock genre. After many shows and touring, the band was able to record with Mat Talbott of Hum earlier this year, who is a big inspiration to the band. The chemistry between the two is definitely here, and Lonely Frontier captures that perfectly. The EP consists of 4 tracks that range from quiet to loud with atmospheric guitars and distorted riffs, topped with Darby Johnson’s calm vocals and introspective lyrics. This is just a preview of what the band has in store for next year, and we’re excited to hear I Was Afraid continue to grow.

Track Listing:
01. Contrails
02. In Orbit
03. Lab
04. Pinholes