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Holydanger "The Ethereal Beauty"

  • Somewhere along an intersection between new-wave, post-punk, and indie rock, lies Holydanger. The band formed in Paris, France in 2021, and in little time, already formed their full-length, debut LP, “The Ethereal Beauty”. They recorded with UK producer, Jim Spencer (New Order, Electronic, The Charlatans) and the songs were mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios by engineer, Frank Arkwright (Belle & Sebastian, Camera Obscura). After a year or so, the LP came to fruition and resulted in a refreshing take on this sound. Approaching new-wave/post-punk from the members’ hardcore perspective gives even the softer songs a bit of edge, and ensures that each track has a catchy hook. Tracks like the opener, “Nowhere Near Prepared” or “Radiant You” showcase this the best, showing the range of an anthemic pop song to an emo-inspired ballad song. “The Ethereal Beauty” was released in the fall of 2023 independently, and is now being reissued on Sunday Drive Records, and available for the first time on 12” vinyl.

    Track Listing:
    01. Nowhere Near Prepared
    02. Acting Real Nice
    03. 700m²
    04. Satin Fields
    05. Zeinot
    06. Radiant You
    07. Mausoleo
    08. Vacation From Ourselves