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Hollow Suns "Into The Water"


On their third EP, Into The Water, Tokyo's Hollow Suns find themselves on a new endeavor—exploring the grunge soundscape. The band does so creatively, with their signature alternative-rock sound, and strong punk & hardcore background. Into The Water explores themes of the struggles of growing older, going through change, questioning yourself & ideals, and everything in between. Tracks like ‘It's All There’ acknowledges the pain & struggle in life, while ‘Heavy In The Air’ reaches for hope as Shuhei sings, “You can’t give in to the dark / The sun will rise for you too / The day will come night will fall, my friend”. Into The Water is a focused and relatable album, and fans of Solea, Foo Fighters, Samiam or Basement will surely enjoy this collection of songs.

Art by Shane Moran (Title Fight, Happy House, Bad Seed)

Track Listing:
01. Waiting For The Time
02. Into The Water
03. It's All There
04. Heavy In The Air
05. No One Stays