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Sunday Drive


Hesitate "Promo 2020"


A narrative of songs representing a new era for the band; these were written from a place of reflection and despair. The sinking feeling you get when you look back down the open road you came, only to realize how much has slipped away along the journey. These songs have taken on a whole new meaning, given the current state of our world, and are more topical and cathartic than ever.

Always an underlying thread in Hesitate's identity, the band leaned heavily into their hardcore roots with these new tracks. Bands who dared to take the genre into a personal direction like Fiddlehead, Verse, and hometown peers Mil-Spec, have influenced Hesitate to do the same. Adding desolate elements of Spaghetti Western was a natural step into the bands’ identity. While still holding their 90’s alternative and shoegaze influences close, Hesitate is set out to create a sound that is more deliberate and urgent.

Track Listing:
01. Badlands
02. Life On The Bright Side
03. Rearview Mirror