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Sunday Drive


Broken Vow "Sane Minds End"

Broken Vow, a young band scattered throughout the Northeast, has wasted no time actualizing their hopes. The formation of the band began in the most genuine of ways— a group of people being introduced to each other at a local hardcore show with talks of starting a band shortly following. Despite the 2020 COVID lockdown, the band put their nose to the ground and released their 90s HC-inspired demo, quickly catching the attention of Sunday Drive Records, who later re-released the demo and joined their roster.

2021 sees the band continuing full steam. Broken Vow and Sunday Drive Records have teamed up with New Morality Zine to release the band's "Promo 2021" as a precursor to the split release EP, "Sane Minds End". "Sane Minds End" demonstrates that Broken Vow continues to cut their teeth on traditional hardcore of the 90s, while simultaneously drawing in more metallic elements. The new EP builds upon the band's sense of urgency initiated on the demo. Lyrically, Broken Vow continues to create a re-vitalizing social commentary for a new generation of hardcore kids. Combined with building guitar riffs, sharp bass lines, and galloping drums "Sane Minds End" is a new chapter for such a young, promising band.