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State Of Mind


The Path / Gone Wrong "Split"


The Path and Gone Wrong have teamed up for what some say is the first split 7" of two Vermont bands ever. Both have previously released sonic blasts of hardcore/punk on State of Mind before, but this split shows each band expanding their sounds in an extensive way. The Path offer 3 songs with more of a thrash/metal component, while Gone Wrong exhibit 4 songs leaning in a fast-core/power-violence direction. And in true Vermont fashion the record will be available on Green Mountain green, blessed by the hand of Bernie Sanders himself!

Track Listing:
01. Should I Ever be a Soldier (The Path)
02. Better Birds (The Path)
03. Haymarket To Stonewall (The Path)
04. Lethargy (Gone Wrong)
05. Apthetic Abyss (Gone Wrong)
06. Hated (Gone Wrong)
07. Closing Doors (Gone Wrong)