Elder Abuse "Burnt" - Deathwish Inc

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Elder Abuse "Burnt"


Elder Abuse (featuring ex-members of Daggermouth) is a band that plays fast catchy punk rock with roots firmly planted in skate punk, hardcore, and pop punk. Not to be taken seriously, the band offers a touch of humor, nostalgia and, a fun experience in a 90s style that will make you want to spin the record over and over again. ELDER ABUSE has been hard at work touring all over the world last year and will be hitting the road hard this year in support of the new record.For fans of: A Wilhelm Scream, Lagwagon, Samiam

Track Listing: 
01. Lemonade
02. Live Free 
03. Good Enough 
04. Weatherman 
05. Better off Dad 
06. EAOG 
07. Captain 
08. Reorientation 
09. The Winners Circle 
10. Happy New Year