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Anchor "Recovery"


Anchor is a hardcore band with members spread out all over Scandinavia, yet keeping up a relentless tour schedule, always with an urge to do and see more. I’ve know these guys for years and have the deepest respect for their message, passion, and integrity so I’m amped to have them on the label. Recovery is Anchor's second full length, and the band’s debut release on React! records. This is the North American version of the album, with the European version already out on Refuse Records. Call it 90's hardcore if you will, and you might be right, but there are hints here and there of the Scandinavian heritage. Weather it's a catchy melody a'la Millencolin, or a crushing riff flirting more with the Swedish death metal scene than anything else, Anchor is bringing it all together nicely on this LP.

Track Listing:
01. Testament
02. Hemingway
03. Awakening
04. Echoes
05. Recovering
06. In Sickness and In Health
07. The Insight
08. Lake Elsinore
09. No Love
10. Sleeping World
11. Skies of Confinement