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Exude "Cognitive War"


After meeting each other for the first time at a No Turning Back show in their hometown of Prague, the members of Exude decided to form a band without even discussing which musical role each member would play.

The resulting eight tracks comprising the band’s debut, Cognitive War, are youthful and unpolished, lyrically introspective, and loaded with a dead-serious mid tempo groove reminiscent of the Desperate Fight scene of Umeå, Sweden in the 1990’s.

With members also putting in creative hours at Pushteek (the local label responsible for this release), playing with sXe 90’s revivalists Lifelike, or pursuing academic studies in philosophy, the Desperate Fight parallels don’t just end with a metallic hardcore sound that would turn the heads of any fan of Shield or Abhinanda.

Exude’s songs are a modern take on a sound that will be familiar to some and completely new to others, but the breakdown always comes back around.

Track Listing:
01. Ladder
02. Magnifying Glass
03. Reflector
04. Hacksaw
05. Palcát
06. Clock Hands
07. Lever
08. 27–30