Decultivate "Pohrdat" - Deathwish Inc

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Decultivate "Pohrdat"


DECULTIVATE return with POHRDAT: a five-track testament of ripping, dark hardcore that once more drags the listener across a crippling nightmare reality. POHRDAT corrupts boundaries and erases expectations; through unhinged riffs and caustic vocals brimming with misanthropic agony, it presents an ugly world defined by a bleak and unforgiving future. Riven with the tension and angst of the modern condition, DECULTIVATE burns the fuel of a forgotten hope - yet in the process provides a soundtrack to carry us through our seemingly meaningless existence.

Track Listing:
01. Triáž
02. Slunce zapadá nad Husovou třídou
03. Nenávist, závist a sebelítost
04. Sám v místnosti plné lidí
05. Lidé na cestě k domovu