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Paul Romano "What You’ve Heard in Whispers" Giclee Print

Paul Romano is a fine artist and designer working and living in Philadelphia. Romano’s work spans many mediums and aesthetics, nodding to art history and imbued with abstract narrative. He has worked with many aggressive bands across multiple albums, including Mastodon, dälek, Hate Eternal, The Red Chord, and Withered to name a few.

"What You’ve Heard in Whispers"
2016, Charcoal on Rives BFK, 11" X 15”

"Most of my paintings start with drawings. Sometimes these change greatly across the mediums, and other times remain very similar. Nonetheless, the drawings are able to work through ideas quickly and help me through clumsy moments. The title changed from drawing to painting (With a Great Deal of Tender Ceremony). Originally I intended to celebrate the pairing with the goat with ideas of the “left-hand path”. The left-hand path for myself has not much to do with occultism but is more akin to the cover of Minor Threat’s 1983 album, Out of Step; making choices that aren’t status quo. What You’ve Heard in Whispers as a title would be more about the rumor mills that are created around someone who thinks/chooses differently than others. With a Great Deal of Tender Ceremony would be more about the dance between human and bestial natures."

Available as a museum quality Giclee Print in two sizes.