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Paul Romano "Foreseer (ascending staircase)" Giclee Print

Paul Romano is a fine artist and designer working and living in Philadelphia. Romano’s work spans many mediums and aesthetics, nodding to art history and imbued with abstract narrative. He has worked with many aggressive bands across multiple albums, including Mastodon, dälek, Hate Eternal, The Red Chord, and Withered to name a few.

"Foreseer (ascending staircase)"
2016, Charcoal on Rives BFK, 11" X 15”

"Often I want to draw but I may not have any clear idea. So, I will make random marks, or blindly throw down very watery ink on a page, then hit it with a spray bottle followed by making some sense of the wispy ghosts left behind. I wouldn’t quite call the process automatism but I do let go of the wheel for a good part of the ride. As I get older, I realize not every work has to be controlled and analyzed. It is good just to let the work go where it needs to go naturally. Works such as Foreseer falls into this way of working. Even though I try to not steer these works, a lifetime of inspirations and influences manifest out. You can only escape yourself so much. Looking back at this work I see - a Cenobite, the Tarot, Nude Descending Staircase by Marcel Duchamp, the Brothers Quay, Joel-Peter Witkin among glimmers of various mythologies. The title came as an afterthought to have a springboard into what might have been going on in my unconscious."

Available as a museum quality Giclee Print in two sizes.