Of Feather And Bone "Embrace The Wretched Flesh" - Deathwish Inc

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Of Feather And Bone "Embrace The Wretched Flesh"


"Of Feather and Bone cram a lot of breakdowns, a lot of hardcore/punk sensibilities and a lot of crusty/grind goodness into a meager twenty-three minutes. Embrace the Wretched Flesh goes by in a flash too. It's tough as nails and full of hate. Songs are on the large built out of the same elements, generally featuring one domineering over the other two. It is definitely one of the reasons the album has so much punch, but also one of the reasons it's easy to confuse songs. Still, Embrace the Wretched Flesh is a bone breaker that pays its dues to the genres the Of Feather and Bone loves so much." - Metal Injection

Track Listing:
01. Ordained In Fire
02. Calloused Embrace
03. Confined Violence
04. You Alone Will Suffer
05. Proclaim Of Hate
06. The Deafening Call
07. Bound To Guilt
08. Ignore Their Remorse
09. The Profane
10. Existence Through Hatred