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Afficionado "Self Titled"


Upon their inception in 2004, AFICIONADO began touring and self-releasing demos, but for the most part, flew under the radar until signing with No Sleep Records early last summer. In fall of 2010, they brought the world their first official release, When It Comes To Creation. It included an everything-butthe- kitchen-sink instrumental approach, spliced with their clever nooks and crannies of lyrical and melodic goodness, complete with a loud and raw us-againstthe world execution.

While continuing to evolve artistically and push the envelope of their sound, AFICIONADOÍs upcoming self-titled full-length is a cohesive listen from beginning to end, showing that the album format is still alive and well. With ten songs produced and recorded with AJ Mogis (BRIGHT EYES, M. WARD, CURSIVE), the songs are sharp and more compact with less of an emphasis on wowing people with over the top antics and more of a focus on the songs themselves. The lyrical basis is centered on expositions of thinking for yourself, attaining what it takes to be a charismatic person, heeding to the realities of aging, and acceptance of change. Drawing from a range of influences such as CURSIVE, THE HOLD STEADY, SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE and AT THE DRIVE IN, AFICIONADO incorporates the sweet honey coated coo of Laura Carrozza which tinges the melodies and a harmonious male/ female vocal styling alongside singer Nick Warchol.

Whereas other artists tend to spout off elaborate yarns to detail a complex process of their songwriting origins and album creations, AFICIONADO have created an opus based on the basic concept of pure camaraderie and solidarity amongst good friends, with the aim of simply making good music.

Track Listing: 
1. The Things You Like
2. Stir Like Hell
3. Everything Was Right
4. Grandfather
5. Confidence Is Intimidating
6. Honesty
7. Falsified Inspiration
8. Permanent
9. Characters
10. Open Doors