All Under Heaven "What Lies Ahead Of Me" - Deathwish Inc

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All Under Heaven "What Lies Ahead Of Me"

  • “What Lies Ahead Of Me”, as the title suggests, is a look toward the future. Years after their formation, multiple EPs and plenty of touring, All Under Heaven seem to have come to fruition on their debut LP. The band has greatly evolved upon their sound—previously content in the “shoegaze” sphere—now pulling in a mix of influences from alternative bands like The Cure, Pinback or The Smiths, while embracing new instruments such as synthesizers and electronic drum beats. The added instruments, a focus on melodicism and DeFabritus’ vocals more upfront and stronger than ever create a beautiful record, exploring themes of love, loss and friendship. “What Lies Ahead Of Me” marks a shift for the band and further carves out their space in contemporary, alternative music.

    Track Listing:
    01. Alone As Ever
    02. Receiving Certain Answers
    03. Rolling
    04. Always
    05. Demon Time
    06. Believing
    07. September
    08. Right Here