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Abhinanda "Complete Discography"

  • After being out of print for decades, End Hits Records has partnered with the Swedish hardcore punk legends ABHINANDA to re-release their complete discography on vinyl.

    Founded in 1992 in Umea, now recognized as a European punk hub, ABHINANDA played a significant role in shaping the history and development of the 90's hardcore scene. Alongside their contemporaries REFUSED (with whom they frequently shared and swapped members), they were instrumental in the international breakthrough and popularization of Scandinavian hardcore. Much credit for this goes to singer Jose Saxlund, who, along with Dennis Lyxzen (Refused, Int. Noise Conspiracy), operated the Straight Edge label "Desperate Fight" and played a vital role in consistently releasing recordings from the thriving Swedish scene.

    Finally, the entire ABHINANDA discography will be available once again, this time on strictly limited vinyl:

    The five-vinyl box set comes in an elegant cardboard slipcase, with each individual record housed in a gatefold cover and accompanied by a large-format poster. Additionally, there are numerous never-before-seen pictures, along with detailed liner notes/interviews featuring band members and contemporaries such as Dennis Lyxzen (Refused), Vique Simba (Revelation Records, Simba Zine+Records), Sara Almgren (Doughnuts, Int. Noise Conspiracy), and Kate Tucker-Reddy (108). The box set includes the three full-length albums "Senseless," "Self Titled," and "The Rumble," as well as a double LP featuring all demo recordings, EPs, and 7" tracks. The music has been completely remastered, and the artwork has been entirely updated.

    Track Listing
    LP 1 - Senseless
    01. Senseless
    02. Inner Qualities
    03. Needle
    04. Fallen
    05. Competition In Hatred
    06. Love Story?
    07. Drift Apart
    08. Dragon
    09. My Source
    10. Serenade

    LP 2 - S/T
    01. Illumination
    02. Fascistproof Armour
    03. City Of Hope
    04. Still The 17th Century
    05. Despertar
    06. All Of Us
    07. Nothing
    08. Emptiness
    09. Monster
    10. Le Sacre De Sang
    11. Let’s March!

    LP 3 - The Rumble
    01. Junior
    02. Highway Tonight
    03. The Rumble
    04. Easy Digestion
    05. Showdown
    06. No. 1
    07. Centipede
    08. The Preacher
    09. Take It Away
    10. Shuffle The Deck
    11. La Musica Continua

    LP 4&5 - Demos, EPs and Rarities
    01. Confront Yourself
    02. Thousand Years
    03. Rising Fire
    04. Lifestyle
    05. Darkness Of Ignorance

    06. Spiritual game
    07. Revolution
    08. Remark Of Frustration
    09. Not Free
    10. Dragon
    11. All Of Us
    12. (Don’t Fill Yourself With) Emptiness
    13. The End
    14. Underneath The Pain(t)
    15. Goodbye
    16. Skulls
    17. Meat is Murder
    18. Crashing
    19. Desasir
    20. Rebels Rule
    21. Top Of The World
    22. Still United!