The Sun's Journey Through The Night “Worldless” - Deathwish Inc

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The Sun's Journey Through The Night “Worldless”

The Sun's Journey Through The Night is the creation of its masked frontman, whose true identity has always been obscured and hidden. Names have come and gone, but the moniker that has been most consistent for the dark figure behind the project is "No One".

No One has spent four years crafting his signature style of chaotic and cathartic black metal. With themes that see deep personal trauma translated into narratives that explore creation, death, the universe and life beyond humanity.

With three albums behind him, each reaching a larger audience than the last, No One began assembling a live version of the band, in order to take his comic black metal from the solitary world of one-man black metal, to the live stage. The visceral energy of this live version of the project led to live musicians Lune, Deimos and Nereid joining the band to help write the monolithic new album "Wordless".

Track Listing:
01. Abolishing Consciousness
02. Worldless
03. Void Walker
04. Grief, The Star
05. Flood of Flames
06. Orion