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Burner "It All Returns to Nothing"


Burner are far more than upstarts in the UK underground scene, with a full UK tour in support of Employed to Serve in Spring 2022, a UK headline tour in summer 2022 alongside other shows with Portrayal of Guilt, Tuskar, Death Goals and Mastiff.

As well as a feature on Daniel P Carter’s “New music you need to hear now” on Kerrang!, inclusion as one of Metal Hammer’s “12 bands to watch in 2022”, and radio play on BBC Radio 1’s Rock Show, Burner have received high praise from the likes of Kerrang!, Distorted Sound, Brooklyn Vegan, Noizze, Hardbeat Mag, Everything Is Noise and Mathcore Index amongst many others.

Their debut LP, ‘It All Returns to Nothing’ picks up from where 2022’s EP, ‘A Vision of The End’ left off. Building upon their already unique and recognisable sound, ‘It All Returns to Nothing’ is an exercise in concise, pummeling hardcore blended seamlessly with death metal traits, with a healthy dose of black metal thrown in for good measure; recorded by Lewis Johns at The Ranch Production House (Svalbard, Conjurer, Employed to Serve), ‘It All Returns to Nothing’ is 11 tracks that display a band with insatiable hunger and an undeniable craft in writing crushing extreme music.

Burner possess the incredible ability to weave death metal, hardcore and fractions of black metal into their calculated disorder. With most bands having palpable influences, Burner impresses further by wearing theirs with a sense of real diversity, touching everything from Trap Them, Darkest Hour, and Gatecreeper to Converge and Bolt Thrower.

Track Listing:
01. Hurt Locker
02. It All Returns to Nothing
03. Pyramid Head
04. Struggle Session
05. Pillar of Shame
06. Trinity
07. Prometheus Reborn
08. EF5
09. The Long March
10. An Affirming Flame
11. Waco Horror