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bigLOVE "Crusaders of Joy"


Shrouded in mystery, abstracted by endearment and drenched in tone, bigLOVE are set to make their presence known to the wider world on May 27 with their debut album, titled Crusaders of Joy, via Church Road Records.

Across the anonymous project’s four song inaugural release, bigLOVE marries atmospheric sludge and themes of eternally unconditional devotion in the name of all that is to be cherished in this waking world of ours. bigLOVE establishes their vision of the genre on highlight tracks Harnessing the Nectar from the Queen Bee and At One With - with both songs wielding Thou-esque lead guitar lines and all the sonic weight of Alice In Chains’ doomier cuts. Vocally, bigLOVE counterbalances the saccharine nature of their melodies with corrosive and hymnal omnipotence.

In an effort to eliminate unnecessary self-scrutiny and create instinctively, bigLOVE recorded Crusaders of Joy as it was being written - with the release's final takes being recorded moments after each part was finalised in the writing. Recorded between 2019 and 2020 before being mastered by UK audio savant Lewis Johns at The Ranch, Crusaders of Joy possesses a preternatural warmth in it’s production that beguiles as well as engulfs. The debut full length is adroitly tied together thematically by Maria Nemm’s (Holy Fawn, Slow Crush, Anthetic) album cover photography, adding another dimension to bigLOVE’s enigma of obscurity and ubiquity.

In the context of the modern age paradox of instantaneous connection and spiritual disconnect, Crusaders of Joy triumphs in it’s harnessing of love as philosophy, as it spiritualizes sludge and doom metal’s sonic weight to transcendental heights. Across the vast ocean of time, love remains at the core of all it is to be human.

Track Listing:
01. Harnessing the Nectar from the Queen Bee
02. A Grand Declaration of the Gods
03. At One With
04. Forever Intimate