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You And I "Complete"

From New Jersey, You And I were a band from 1996 to 1999. During that time they released two full length albums, an EP and a 7”, all of which are included on this complete discography. You And I contributed to the diverse 90’s hardcore scene, creating sounds that appealed to hardcore, punk, metal, and emo scenes alike. Although they were only around for a few years, the impact of You And I is still felt today in the hardcore and punk worlds. This discography includes all of their releases, including “Saturday’s Cab Ride Home,” “Within The Frame,” “The Curtain Falls,” and their sole 7”. All of these tracks have been mastered for vinyl by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden. This 2xLP comes in a gatefold jacket with a digital download and a massive pdf file containing numerous photographs, flyers and other visuals from the band’s history. 

Track Listing
01. Something To Remember/Heart's Divide
02. Silent Morning Whisper
03. Seascape
04. Someday I'll Say Goodbye/Absence
05. Memory Loss
06. We All Bleed
07. When We Were One
08. Revision
09. Nights Like These
10. Smile
11. Saturday's Cab Ride Home
12. Forever Lasts A Moment
13. Achilles
14. All Imperfect Things
15. A Day That Passes Through Us
16. Crossing The Rubicon
17. No Guilt On New Years Morning
18. Tell Me About Your Childhood
19. Broc Landers And The Mustang Candy Cake
20. Playing Off The Story
21. 143 (JCM)
22. I Think I Know Where Elvis Lives
23. Pulse
24. Threading A Needle
25. Two Down, One To Go