The Cancer Kids "The Possible Dream" - Deathwish Inc

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Youth Attack


The Cancer Kids "The Possible Dream"

These Western Mass outcasts with a predilection for Godzilla, Mr. T, and the Red Sox dwelt in a world where fame meant nothing and tangible politics had little to do anything found in a filthy squat. After releasing a promising split ep with Malay and playing at most two live shows, these guys disappeared back into their garage, tightened their sound, and wrote 50 songs. Represented here are the best 19 of that lot, a record so musically solid and consistent that it has claimed the throne for the loudest, most devastating LP in the galaxy. For those who may have lapsed on their note taking, THE CANCER KIDS is ex-members of the legendary cult BUCKET FULL OF TEETH, and was produced by genius Will Killingsworth of ORCHID/BUCKET FULL OF TEETH/AMPERE glory. A masterpiece years in the making.

Track Listing: 
01. Let's Get Blacklisted
02. WWUD
03. Boston Blow
04. Fuck It
05. 9021 Oi!
06. XY Zoo
07. Enough Already
08. T.I.E. It Down
09. Q & A
10. Dead FÇn Air
11. The Possible Dream
12. LetÇs Get Excited
13. D.I.W.H.Y.
14. The Real Thing
15. Punks With Dogs
16. Escape Velocity
17. [Cancer + Kids] = (___)
18. Astonishing! Spectacular! Exhilarating!