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Youth Attack


Grinning Death's Head "Cataclysm"


The blackness of the universe is encapsulated within one's skull which finds expression in the horror we call living. Unceasing as daily tribulations are, by virtue of our continued existence we encourage them all the same. Life thus is a prolonged justification of a ceaseless downgrade, like a distant star flickering ever softer until lost in the black hole of infinity. Content only with the conviction of our grievances, our true purpose—death—arrives all too easily, until finally, successful in our duty, we reach our denouement.

Following up on the Blood War LP, GRINNING DEATH'S HEAD returns with two relentless assaults, driving their sound deeper into cryptic realms with a razor sharp focus that will skewer your soul.

I. Jacyszyn- Drums, bass, synth
M. McCoy- Guitar
J. Wood- Vocals

Recorded by the band, mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.

Track Listing:
01. Purveyors of Pestilence
02. Acrid Damnation