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Gorilla X Monsoon / Vexed "Split"


Redding and Chico CA bands GORILLA X MONSOON and VEXED deliver a killer split together. GORILLA X MONSOON brings a blend of youth crew that is pissed, desperate and brutally honest on their side. And VEXED blasts through crushing powerviolence that will leave you devastated. Jefferson Hardcore at it's finest!

Track Listing: 
01. GxM - God Complex
02. GxM - Through It All
03. GxM - Death Note
04. GxM - Nothing More
05. GxM - Untitled
06. Vexed - Waste
07. Vexed - Melancholy
08. Vexed - Bitter
09. Vexed -Wretched
10. Vexed - Ignorance
11. Vexed - Instrumental