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Whips/Chains "Master/Slave"

Louisville's Whips/Chains is a band featuring Ryan Patterson (Coliseum), Ben Sears (Black God), and Will Allard (Xerxes). They play a brand of heavy, apocalyptic music. Unpolished and pure, the massive sounding down-tuned three piece takes influence from bands His Hero Is Gone, Bolt Thrower, and others. "Master/Slave" is Whips/Chains is their debut 12"EP. Taking no time to set a tone, opener "Secular Front" crawls through a wreckage of noise before breaking into a D-Beat stride. Other songs "Brick and Mortar", "Trembling and Alone", and "Human Filth" carry this same bombastic quality, but also introduce subtle hooks into the fray. These dynamics make Whips/Chains not only powerful, but also uniquely listenable. Creating a mesmerizing push and pull throughout the grime and fury.
Track Listing:
01. Secular Front
02. Brick and Mortar
03. Trembling and Alone
04. Master/Salve
05. Human Filth

First Press:
328 - White
769 - Transparent Red

Second Press:
1000 - Black