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Verwoed "Woudloper"


Originally written, recorded, and released in 2014 on tape under the Woudloper moniker.
Consisting of 3 songs born from a fiery urgence - the Woudloper demo was, and still is, a primal scream in praise of the destruction of everything that we hold dear.

For this particular edition of the Woudloper demo, Joost Vervoort once again created a magical piece of art.
On the original version of this artwork, a figure started its journey through the woodland gate. In this version, made years later, the figure is gone - reflecting the traversal, disappearance, transformation that led to Verwoed.

The bewildering, atmospheric and disorienting material, that hardly gives the listener any room to breathe, is a glorious stain on the world as we know it.

Track Listing:
01. I
02. II
03. III