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Various Artists "Ghost In The Gears" CD


The iconic first release from Iodine Recordings. Ghost in the Gears features rare or exclusive tracks from some of the best bands in underground music: Cave In, Milhouse, Good Clean Fun, Garrison, Converge, Zegota, Devola, Hassan I Sabbah, Indecision, Jeromes Dream, Catharsis, and more. Ghost in the Gears is a release which bridges the limitations of subgenres within the ever expanding scene. Showcasing some of the most groundbreaking bands existing within our community, Ghost in the Gears is a collection of bands who redefined independent music as we know it today.

Track Listing:
01. Cave In - Terminal Deity
02. Milhouse - Postcards From A Concentration Camp
03. Forty Days Rain - Evolve
04. Garrison - Untitled
05. That's All She Wrote - A Dul(t) Life
06. Converge - The Human Shield
07. Daltonic - Escape And Run
08. Żegota - Eight
09. Devola - Judge Me
10. Hassan I Sabbah - Cut Fixed With Mud
11. Indecision - Merchandise
12. Jeromes Dream - Everyday at Three Zero Six
13. Forcefedglass - You Slit Your Own Wrists
14. Catharsis - Bow Down
15. Guernica - Violation & Greed Driven Culture
16. Bastian - Three Words
17. Dahmer - Unne Bonne Tablette
18. Good Clean Fun - Loser Dot Com
19. Love Power Electronics - Worshipping Sound"