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You Blew It! "Keep Doing What You're Doing"

Orlando, Florida quintet YOU BLEW IT! are set to release their sophomore LP, Keep Doing What YouÍre Doing, with Tophself Records on January 14, 2014. The follow-up to 2012Ís critically acclaimed Grow Up, Dude was produced by Evan Weiss of INTO IT. OVER IT. and engineered by Matt Jordan (STAY AHEAD OF THE WEATHER, CUT TEETH) at Atlas Studios in Chicago. YOU BLEW IT! ïs second full-length release finds the bandÍs most mature effort while staying true to their roots.

Topshelf Records was repeatedly asking Evan, Matt, and the band for updates throughout the recording process and got nothing in response nearly every time save for the same video clip of Axl Rose repeatedly asking of his backing band, ñGimme some reggae!î „ which Topshelf took as an omen for the entire album.

Fortunately, Keep Doing What YouÍre Doing sees YOU BLEW IT! instead dialing back on their more raw influences to create complex song structures, intricate guitar lines and cleaner vocals with a healthy dose of fuzz riding over it all. The ten tracks on the album call to mind THE GET UP KIDS, AMERICAN FOOTBALL, and DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE but maintain the integrity of the sound that the band has built their name on.

Recently, Pitchfork said of the band, ñnoticeably cleaner and more purposeful ... the grown-up sonics only make the underlying, pound-the-dashboard, yell-to-yourself sentiments all the more loud and clear.î Stereogum also weighed in on the new song

Track Listing:
01. High Life
02. Early Times
03. Gin
04. Evan Williams
05. Absolut
06. Crown Royal
07. BBB
08. Kahlua
09. Yuengling
10. PBR