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Version City Blues


Time and Pressure "Halfway Down"

Time and Pressure return with Halfway Down, the debut full-length record that combines everything you knew about the band with nothing you expected. This is what you want from hardcore: aggression, speed, unrelenting performance. Melody, introspective lyrics, and aural textures are signs of the band’s growth that may take you by surprise. Halfway Down is about loss, family, nihilism, and the search for the self--themes that walk the tightrope between the personal and the universal tied together by fast, energetic, precise hardcore.

Track Listing:
01. Throwing Roses
02. Theseus
03. Wrapped up
04. Curtain Call
05. On The Waterfront
06. Between the World and You
07. Psalm 38:9
08. Old Scratch
09. Horoscope Nine
10. Paradise Lost