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Thomas Hooper x Neurosis


Thomas Hooper "Fires Within Fires" Giclee Print


A print featuring the complete cover art for the Neurosis album "Fires Within Fires". Illustration by Thomas Hooper.

Museum quality Giclee Print.

Medium: 12.5" W X 24" H
Large: 18.5" W X 36" H
Stock: Fine Line, Coarse Watercolor, 315 GSM

Poster tube included with each order. Ships within 7-10 business days.

"Fires Within Fires is the eleventh studio album by Neurosis, a band I have been following since I was a teenager, that’s 25 years!!!! The album was released on September 23, 2016, via the band’s own record label, Neurot Recordings. I am very grateful to have teamed up with their record label Neurot and my good friends at Deathwish to make available for the first time, museum quality prints of the art I created for this album.

Making art for them has been a bucket list of mine and always seemed like it would be out of my league. So when I started making t-shirt art for the band and working with them on solo album projects I was honored and humbled to say the least.

When the opportunity arose to make an album cover for the band I jumped at the chance and poured every bit of creative energy into the project, creating not just a cover but a full album package and layout for the gatefold LP, even down to hand painting the bands logo, album titles and writing the lyric page with recording info.

I wanted this piece of work to be a land mark achievement for my creative outlet that I like to call painting but at times feel is just illustration. It was a hard project to get a visual grasp of as I didn’t want to embed my artistic personality into their music and also wanted to represent their monumental legacy and iconic visual identity with out repeating previous art they have used."

-Thomas Hooper