The Festival Of Dead Deer "The Many Faces Of Mental Illness" - Deathwish Inc

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The Festival Of Dead Deer "The Many Faces Of Mental Illness"


The Festival Of Dead Deer, hailing from the greater Los Angeles area, was dealt a very short-lived life in the world of music. Fortunately, this artifact here came to life just as the band was pronounced D.O.A. This LP/CD here consists of highlights from a live show on Los Angeles’s KXLU. The drummer of the band, Chris Hathwell, later went on to be a founding member of the band Moving Units, while guitarist/vocalist Mike Crain continued on the musical path to bands such as Kill the Capulets, Dead Cross, and Retox. The CD version has bonus tracks from the split 7” EP with The Crimson Curse. Pressed on limited edition colour vinyl.

Track Listing:
01. Episodes
02. Monotones *
03. Stagnant *
04. My Name’s Explicit
05. A Controlled Response
06. In Fifty Words or Less
07. Rated Are
08. The Coming of GOing
09. What Makes Sense
10. Basura Basura
11. Before Narcolepsy
12. Hunting
13. Limited Edition of Zero
14. Inner Planetary Reasoning

*(Bonus Tracks on CD)