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Suburbanite "Self Titled"


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Like a burning skyscraper collapsing in a city siege, SUBURBANITE launches a full-scale takeover with total sonic decimation. Discharging a relentless veteran onslaught of breakneck hardcore led by irate frontman Chris O'Coin, the band fires off an intolerant, hostile and warlike approach, anchoring their debut in one brooding anthem after another. Purveyors of the Bruiser Beat sound, this is New York Hard Core for a new age. Rising up from the ruins of the genre's failed past while dismissing contemporary values with arrogant disregard, SUBURBANITE calls forth the End Times so that intruders, trapped in a sick and insane society, have no choice but to wreck vengeance upon it.

Ian Jacyzyn- Drums
Mark McCoy- Guitar and Bass
Chris O'Coin- Vocals
Matt Wilga- Guitar

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios

Track Listing: 
01. Combat Shock
02. Bow Down and Break 
03. Fault Lines 
04. Go Broke or Die 
05. In Your Way 
06. Warhawk 
07. Stop 
08. Shots Ring Out 
09. Follower 
10. Call It 
11. The Life You Sold 
12. Ruin Me