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SSD "How Much Art Can You Take?"

In 2017, I asked Al if I could create an SSD Instagram page because I wanted him to see the impact he and his band had on people from around the world. Since I was not a member of the band, and I wanted to ensure authenticity, I only featured stories and interviews from members of the band and those close to them. Of course, I also highlighted the artistry of Boston photographer PHILIN PHLASH, who was present at so many shows, and who documented the band’s trajectory so well. Almost immediately, people began contacting me, telling me how much they loved the stories and photos, and how they’d make a great book. Since Al has always said Phil’s work deserved its own platform, I thought a photo essay book would be perfect. Society System Decontrol (SSD) ended as a band in 1985, but the stories, the photographs, and the music live on. As Al has said “We gave it everything we had. We wanted to make an impact. This is how we rock.” — Nancy Barile

"How Much Art Can You Take?" compiles over 170 images, many of which have never been seen before, plus first-hand commentary from the band and their crew, spread across 190 pages in a beautiful 10"x10" hardcover book.