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I Call Fives "Bad Advice"

In addition to near constant touring, member changes, van break-downs and personal demons, I Call Fives managed to stay true to themselves and their devotion to write pop-punk music the way they like it on their No Sleep Records debut, "Bad Advice." Having earned the support and confidence of their fans and pop-punk peers with their first EP "First Things First," I Call Fives have begun to stand out in a saturated scene.

"The thing that defines Bad Advice is time," said ICF's Drew Conte. "We were a band for over 2 years before recording our first EP -- so when you think about it we had years to write it, and that's just what we did. Back then we had never really toured, we were finishing high school and starting college, everyone lived at home, money was not an issue... that kind of stuff."

In contrast to First Things First, Bad Advice brings the real-world experience ICF's gained in the past year, giving the record a fitting and exciting sound and personality, and a special spot in today's pop-punk scene. "Late 2008 and 2009 were crazy times for us - we toured as much as we could, had member changes, dropped of school, and basically changed our entire lives. We wrote about the stuff that is real to us and Bad Advice is the result. We put everything into these six new songs."