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Nomad Stones "Unriddled"


Haunted by electric guitars and FX pedal neon-distorted dreams, New England's newest power trio NOMAD STONES have arrived. Formed in late 2015 and led by Adam McGrath (Cave In, Zozobra, Clouds) and JR Conners (Cave In, Doomriders, ex-Goatsnake, etc), NOMAD STONES came out the gate with a burst of barn burning jams on their incredible self-titled debut album. The follow up finds the band more self assured and zoned in. Upping the ante in both production and song writing, Unriddled finds the band firing on all cylinders

Track Listing:
01. Behind the Trigger
02. The Bright Side of the Black
03. Lines in the Sand
04. Unriddled
05. Supply in Mind
06. Pillage and Burn
07. True Ability
08. Delusional Tribes
09. Sleepwalker
10. Time Eraser