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Residuals "Grief"

Chronicling the death of guitarist/vocalist Ray Libby's father, "Grief" is 8 tracks of melodic, heartfelt, and sorrowful mid-tempo hardcore.

Although only an EP, Residuals give equal attention to detail for each song, allowing each track to fully develop; you aren't left feeling like something's missing. And, aside from the intricate guitar work, passionate and tight drumming, and relatable yet uniquely individual lyrics, the best part of "Grief" is that the album swells like rough waters at high tide, and crash into the shoreline, dragging the listener into an undertow of cathartic release and bittersweet climax. Prepare yourself for an inevitably painful introspection followed by wounded resignation.

Pensive, dark, and honestly raw, Residuals summarize their own release with a line from the song "Despair..." nothing else matters, nothing else is sadder than being here.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Ghostly Roots
02. Despair
03. Rupture
04. Subsistence
05. Patriarch
06. Identity
07. For Joy
08. Harpy