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Law Of Power "Born Into War"


Bursting out of the Los Angeles hardcore scene, Law Of Power make music that gives you a glimpse into the plight of their everyday reality. Formed in 2020, the band came on strong with the release of their self-titled EP and join the Flatspot Records roster this year for their next endeavor, Born Into War. Recorded over just three days with Taylor Young (God’s Hate) and mastered by Nick Townsend at Infrasonic Sound, the EP packs an intense amount of brutality into its six-minute run time. The band draws from the direct approach of their influences like Blood For Blood and Sheer Terror, while providing a fury of guitar riffs and gang vocals. The lyrics center around experiences with drug addiction and the violent cities they grew up in. Having already shared the stage with acts like Xibalba, Bury Your Dead, The Chisel, and Dead Heat, the band are ready to bring their mosh-ready live show to more stages this year. With the release of Born Into War this fall, Law Of Power is touting the pack of real deal, no gimmick hardcore.

Track Listing:
01. $80 Devil
02. Family Curse
03. Born Into War