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Kid Kilowatt


Kid Kilowatt "Guitar Method: 1996-1999"


Featuring members of Cave In, Converge and Euclid, Kid kilowatt is a musical whole unlike any of its parts, an almost-lost (but not even slightly forgotten) gem now available for mass consumption and critical acclaim. After letting Guitar Method languish on the crowded shelves of HH HQ since early '99, we finally blew off the cobwebs and set it free. Within you'll find astral marches, full-release anthems, and total indie rock bliss.

Track Listing:
01. The Scope
02. Red Carpet
03. Radio Pow For Now
04. Peeping Tomboy
05. Cadence For a Rainy Day
06. 7th Inning Song Formation
07. Bicycle Song
08. Rushing to Relax
09. Ted Nugent
10. Memorial Drive
11. Cadence For the Desert Sun
12. Glass of Shattered Youth
13. Blue/Green Heart
14. Tug of War