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Juan Machado


Juan Machado "The Hand Of Doom" Giclee Print


Juan Machado is an artist based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Much of his work is a playful balance of tongue-in-cheek homage, idol worship, parody, and 80s styled themes. He has also created incredible visuals for Cavalera Conspiracy, Earthless, Eyehategod, Amenra, Lucifer, and more.

"The Birth Of Doom" is an illustration by Juan Machado.
Available as a museum quality Giclee Print in 3 sizes.

Small: 7.572" X 12"
Medium: 15.144" X 24"
Large: 22.715" X 36"
XL:Β 27.763" X 44"

Stock: Fine Line, Coarse Watercolor, 315 GSM