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Iron Pier


Mary And The Small Omission "The Effects Are Cumulative"


Mary and the Small Omission is Mary Brulatour and Steve Price. Working collaboratively, the duo craft a compelling mix of intimate bedroom dreampop and ambient electronic drone music. The Effects are Cumulative is their newest release, due out June 10th on Brooklyn label Iron Pier. Unfolding over ten songs and 45 minutes, the album ranges from beautiful, slow pop to jarring electronic loops, merging hypnotic ambient sonic soundscapes, akin to Boards of Canada, with the warmth of Mt. Eerie-esque bedroom compositions, resulting in a unique and fascinating musical statement. Based in Philadelphia, and involved in the local DIY punk scene, Mary also plays in renowned indie band Self Defense Family. Steve is based in Miami and the two work together in person and over the internet.

Mary is also a Muay Thai fighter and coach, an aspect of her life which comes to bear in the music video for ñRabbit Mask,î filmed in Thailand by Mary on Super 8mm on a training trip.

The Effects are Cumulative is the bandÍs second release, following their self-released, self-titled debut cassette.

Track Listing:
01. Rumble A.D.
02. Rabbit Mask
03. I Hope This Finds You Well
04. Angstfaktor
05. Pamplemousse
06. The Garden in the Morning
07. Tower of Strength
08. Trying to Radio Arthur in Heaven
09. Negative Self Talk
10. 5555