Amenra "Mass III" - Deathwish Inc

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Amenra "Mass III"

Europe's leading dronemetal band, producing huge walls of sound, Amenra have often been compared to metal stalwarts like Neurosis, Isis and Pelican, but their confounding and compelling sound that mixes surrealist melody and warped subtleties with churning rhythms, pummeling riffs and crushing dynamics stands on it's own.

Track Listing:
01. The Pain. It Is Shapeless. We Are Your Shapeless Pain
02. Némelèndèlle. Twuhste En Tljihste
03. Die Strafe. Am Kreuz. Ich Schreibe Eine Bibel In Blut
04. Le Fils Des Faux. Il Fallait Que Je Parte. Pour Que Tu Viennes

Taken From Mass II 2003
05. From Birth To Grave. From Shadow To Light
06. Ritual