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Hand Of Death


Call Of the Void "Ageless"


Denver based metallic hardcore outfit Call Of The Void take all the best parts of grind, hardcore, and metal and fuse them into one monstrous crust laden aural assault.

Ageless, coming right off the heels of their debut ablum Dragged Down A Dead End Path, is their sophomore offering on the infamous Relapse Records. Continuing full force ahead, Ageless is riddled with blast beats, Mastodon-esque time changes, and just enough jaw dropping hardcore breakdowns to keep the listener begging for more.

ñAgeless defines how gnarly and ugly and harsh music can be. Fusing elements of crust, grind, sludge and punk, Call of the Void have pressed another killer album. Avoiding any sophomore slump by continually touring and working their ass off, COTV have earned respect and attention.î - New Noise Magazine

Track Listing:
01. Old Hate
02. Truth In Bone
03. The Sun Chaser
04. R.I.S.
05. Black Ice
06. I
07. The Hive
08. Cold Hands
09. Long Knives
10. Honor Among Thieves
11. II
12. Ageless