Various Artists "The Hate 5 Six Diaries: Volume One" - Deathwish Inc

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Hate 5 Six


Various Artists "The Hate 5 Six Diaries: Volume One"

Hardcore has the unique potential to be something other than a distraction on a Friday night, something other than a soundtrack to physical aggression. We readily reference it as a certificate that we are beyond the normative behaviors and thought patterns prescribed to us by society. Whether or not you act upon this conviction is entirely up to you.

The majority of society outside the hardcore scene is unwilling to comprehend why it is we drive hours on end just to see a band, why we jump off stages and crawl across people's heads just so we can hope to reach the mic and maybe--just maybe--get the chance to scream a few fucking words that happen to resonate with us, why we're so willing to virtually obliterate our bodies during a band's set in a self-sacrificial, yet purely cathartic, ritual.

The hate5six "diaries" is about leveraging the stagedives, the singalongs, and the discourse fostered through the music to do something more than what is given to us. 100% of the proceeds from these volumes will be donated to a specified charity.

The contents of this video are already freely available on modulo color correction, audio adjustment, encode quality and packaging. Unauthorized copying of this DVD is therefore an egregious waste of time and is morally and ethically reprehensible. In the event you obtain this DVD outside of the proper channels, please at least consider making a donation to

Featuring nearly 4 hours of live footage of: 108, Black Kites, Converge, Damnation AD, Give, Have Heart, Iron Chic, Kid Dynamite, Mindset, Pulling Teeth, Ruiner (from the last show), Seraphim, Suicide File, The First Step (from the last show), The Rival Mob, Touche Amore, Trial, and Unbroken.