Goth Trad / JK Flesh "Knights Of The Black Table" - Deathwish Inc

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Goth Trad / JK Flesh "Knights Of The Black Table"


JK FLESH is the pseudonym employed by Justin K Broadrick for his solo work within the realm of heavy/brutal electronica/techno - informed by industrial, dub, power electronics and the extreme excesses of electronic music driven by beats and bass.

Justin initially used this pseudonym in Techno-Animal with co-conspirator Kevin Martin (The Bug / King Midas Sound, etc).

Track Listing: 
01. Goth Trad - Bloody Dice 
02. Goth Trad - Nerve Agent 
03. Goth Trad - Gray Fire 
04. Goth Trad - Sword Dance 
05. JK FLESH - Warhorse 
06. JK FLESH - Armour Of Faith 
07. JK FLESH - Fearless Knight 
08. JK FLESH - Empty Victory