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Elder Devil "The Light Dimmed Eternal"


Elder Devil began in fall 2016 between our returning ally Jacob (Keeper, Graven Maul) and Stephen (Cabin Fire). Beginning as a DIY studio project, Elder Devil released their first EP "Graves Among the Roots" with our friends at Medusa Crush Recordings to much acclaim. Named the 2nd best release of 2017 by The Sludgelord, Graves was entirely produced and recorded by band themselves in Jacob's studio. After releasing a new single shortly after to showcase the growth of the band from that initial release, the band are now ready to release their first full-length album, The Light Dimmed Eternal.

Track Listing: 
01. Empty 
02. May the Light be Dimmed Eternal 
03. The Space Behind Your Eyes 
04.  City of Infinity 
05. Celebration of the Black Prince 
06. I Am the Way 
07. Hellbound 
08. A Vision of Death 
09. Back Into the Womb 
10. The Endless Hum 
11. Shadows Cast Long and Dark 
12. The False Prophet 
13. A Small Room