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Minor Threat "Live"


Their carefully selected name, Minor Threat, perfectly captures their attitude -- that non-threatening rage against the culture of adults and authority, the frustration at their own ineffectuality to turn anger into major change. Ian MacKaye (to many, the God of punk rock) was only a teenager when he and his friends formed the seminal D.C. punk band Minor Threat, but his idealistic and loud brand of youthful rage created an entire movement. Ian-penned lyrics to songs like "Screaming at a Wall" and "Out of Step" capture the volatile alienation of punk rock perfectly, while "Straight Edge" -- a tirade against the degrading effects of drugs and alcohol -- pioneered an entire subculture. Minor Threat's visceral energy and palpable rage is perfectly captured on this live video release. Filmed at the legendary (to punks, at least) D.C. Space in 1980, Ian and the boys perform eighteen of their loud, fast classics.