Civilized "Chopping Block" - Deathwish Inc

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Youth Attack


Civilized "Chopping Block"

Despite their geographic isolation, Denver's CIVILIZED have emerged as elites in the hardcore underground. Building upon their stellar Dust and Blood EP, they unveil 13 new songs with a mastery that surpasses their influences. This is how eternal US Hardcore is made: raise the standard with scrutiny and persistence, smash all that is mediocre with brute force and aspire toward truth by eliminating all that is not real. Through these aims, CIVILIZED unveils a classic. Chopping Block is a tour de force of modern hardcore—a barrage of hooks and jaw-dropping shifts delivered in a burst of youthful fury. Zach Reini's vocals astound as he leads the way in a sequence of perfectly executed compositions that balance time-honored motifs with dizzying variety. Engineered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, with an unforgettable cover shot by acclaimed photographer Daniel Shea, CIVILIZED has laid your neck on the line.

300 on white vinyl, housed in euro sleeves and jackets lined in black flood printing.

Track Listing: 
01. Transparent
02. All the Same
03. Pain is Only a Game
04. Can't Get Out
05. Burning Cold
06. Reality Mirror
07. Guillotine
08. Stagnate
09. Civilized
10. The Truth
11. Consequence
12. Parasite
13. Double Crossed