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Cave In "Roadburn 2018"


On March 28 of 2018 Cave In bassist, Caleb Scofield, died in a car accident leaving behind his wife and two children. The Cave In inner circle rallied around Caleb’s family, fundraising and arranging benefit shows; it was clear that their aim was to do what their friend tragically no longer could – provide for his family.

At the 2018 edition of Roadburn, Stephen Brodsky and Adam McGrath paid a moving tribute to Caleb with an acoustic set of covers and Cave In tracks. As the audience and band members alike found catharsis through music, we wouldn’t have begrudged them one bit if this performance was the closest we ever got to Cave In at Roadburn.

As communicated at the time:

On Saturday, 21 April, Stephen Brodsky and Adam McGrath will unite to play a very special set at Het Patronaat in honour of Caleb Scofield, their long time bandmate, collaborator and friend, who sadly passed away last month.

The pair comment:
“Please join us for an afternoon of Cave In songs and cover tunes dedicated to Caleb Scofield, our best friend and bandmate who passed away tragically and suddenly on March 28th, 2018. Sincere thanks to the good-hearted people of Roadburn for swiftly and gracefully giving us an opportunity to honor Caleb’s life and legacy.”
We, at Roadburn, are honoured to be able to host such a special tribute to Caleb– a musician who not only performed at Roadburn himself (as part of Old Man Gloom in 2014), but whose influence can be seen in many of the bands that pass through the festival.

Track Listing: 
01. Youth Overrided (live) 
02. The Calypso (live) 
03. Everest (live) 
04. New Moon (live) 
05. Dark Driving (live) 
06. Heartache Earthquakes (live) 
07. Big Riff (live) 
08. Sing My Love (live)