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Carpathian "Isolation"

Carpathian were a great metallic hardcore band from Victoria Australia's Mornington Peninsula. Their "Isolation" album was recorded by engineer Jay Maas (Defeater, Shipwreck AD). Cohesive songwriting and a powerful collective vision shine throughout the album. Lyrically "Isolation" walks the desolate path of Carpathian vocalist/lyricist Martin Kirby. Taking on personal and social subject matter, as he strives to not only express but also educate willing ears to live positively in a negative world.

Track Listing:
01. Isolation
02. Cursed
03. Spirals
04. Insomnia
05. The Cold Front
06. Deadbeats...
07. Sun Heights
08. Seventyk
09. Ceremony
10. Permanent

First Press:
200 - Silver/White mix
800 - Silver/Black

Second Press:
1000 - Black